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Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

  • The Maltings Clinic

    The Maltings ClinicA successful chiropody and holistic therapy clinic business in Selby, the web site was started in 2002. It has been through several updates over the years, being converted to a custom built template based design and featuring a JavaScript navigation system, using CSS, JavaScript. PHP was added after four years to the forms validation and email sending system. In 2009 it was given another complete overall giving the two parts of the clinic their own colour scheme and improving the layout to give it an even more professional image. I convert the navigation system completely to CSS, which also improved search engine indexing of the site.

  • C. A. Counselling and Training Services

    C. A. Counselling and Training ServicesA web site built for a customer starting up her own professional Counselling and Training business in South Wales. Designed closely with the owner, the site went through a couple of design changes and colour schemes until she was happy with the result, when it then went live in 2009. Built from scratch around a customised Dreamweaver template design, it utilises CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

  • The Foot Lady Patchway

    The Foot Lady PatchwayA qualified Foot Health practitioner starting up her own mobile buisness in Patchway, Bristol, where I had been working on a Mainframe Security contract for some time, asked if I could do her a website to let her local people know her business was up and running.

  • Dogs On Holiday

    Dogs On HolidayAnother small business web site designed from scratch in 2008, using a hand built template in Dreamweaver, and also using CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

  • TCDesigns

    TCDesignsBased in the northern highlands of Scotland, Tigh Cruinn Designs (TCDesigns) is the realisation of Pam Ward's ambition to create bespoke home furnishings with an individual flair. Inspired by the natural beauty of Harris Tweed, Pam has created her own distinctive range of sumptuous cushions. There are cushions for every setting from cosy country cottages to modern open-plan city apartments. This is a very graphical web site showing off the many wonderful colours and designs of Harris Tweed.

  • GWda

    GWda gavin Ward design associatesGavin Ward has been in the design industry since the mid-1980s and he started up his Gavin Ward design associates (GWda) in 1997. GWda are renowned for wonderful strong colourful designs in many formats (printed and electronic). They form strong relationship with customers who come back time after time for their creative ideas, rapid response, taking control of your project requirements from start to finish. Gavin prepared the graphics for the TCDesigns web site, above.

  • Itemise Inventories

    Lakeland Log CabinsA woman based in Milton Keynes set up her own Independent Property Inventory Provider company in 2010 and built a company web site on the 1&1 framework. A year later she needed more from her site than the 1&1 system could provide, so she contacted me and we migrated her site over to Orpheus Internet where I re-built her site within Dreamweaver keeping a similar look and style to the one she had already produced whilst providing the extra functionality and improved menu system that she wanted. A back-end is being prepared using custom KKCCC modules to give her and her customers further functionality now we have PHP and MySQL access on the Orpheus servers.

  • AreoElvira Limited

    Azure PublicationsIn 1979, John Edgley and his small team started designing and building a unique surveillance aircraft aircraft, the Optica. The Optica had many unique features making it a great aircraft, but the company unfortunately suffered problems including a crash in 1985 and an arson attack in 1987 which destroyed all but one of their aircraft which dissolved the company as a direct consequence. Work did start again under a new company in 1987 and the Optica acquired many new upgrades with five new aircraft built. The company changed hands again in 1990 and three more aircraft were planned but never finished. The project effectively halted. But in 2008, John Edgley bought back the rights to the aircraft and got the original team members back together again to pick up the Optica project after an 11 year lapse under a new company called AeroElvira Limited. They continue to improve the wonderful Optica aircraft, as well as working on other civil light aircraft, including the Sprint 160.

  • Azure Publications

    Azure PublicationsA site dedicated to a book entitled "A Cloud of Witnesses" by Diane Wilks about rood Screen panel paintings that have survived in many churches in Devon. The site was particularly designed to work across multiple web browsers, particularly the few browsers that work in the RiscOS operating system, which imposed many limitations on what can be done to the web site (no JavaScript for example). However careful design has allowed the site to be displayed correctly under these conditions, indicating the extent that I can go to to make the site the way you want it! You won't find many web design companies that will support the RiscOS platform for example. Most haven't even heard of it!

  • Laura Ann's Designs

    Laura Ann's DesignsI was asked by a young girl who was starting up her own special gift business where her items are all personalised with unique laser etching done on a modern laser machine, to set up a web site where she can promote her products. This site also makes use of my KKCCC administration back-end where she can maintain the product details for herself. She admits to not being very confident on a computer, bit has kindly told me that she finds the KKCCC administration section of the site ease to understand and use.

  • KenKode

    KenKodeThe very site you are looking at now. It started up when I began contracting in 2005, but went through a major upgrade to the site you see today in early 2008 to use a custom built template, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Designed to have a simple, clean but easy to use format, and is occasionally updated with new features as required.

Clubs and Groups

  • Knottingley Concert Brass

    Knottingley Concert BrassThis is an active site with well over 200 live pages these days. I started the site back in 1996 and it has grown and been updated significantly over the years. JavaScript was added in the early days for roll-over buttons and elsewhere where required. CSS introduced 2002 as a method of giving the site a common theme. A small shop added in 2003 using PayPal buttons (with custom JavaScript behind them). The site had a major overhaul in 2008 to make use of my custom built Dreamweaver template. In 2009, I changed the automated email system to use HTML responses rather than plain text, to give the visitor an improved response. Also that year I updated the (manual) calendars to be automatically created by writing some custom PHP code to do what I required. With a dedicated CSS file and hand-built buttons the calendars now have a full colour, 3D, interactive appearance. In 2010, the rollover buttons were replaced by CCS buttons for smaller web site page sizes, fewer server HTTP requests, easier maintenance and to incorporate newly available features (like shadows around text on supported browsers). Your site can have any/all of these types of features too. Just ask.

  • New Hudson Motor Cycles

    New Hudson Motor CyclesA site dedicated to vintage motor cycles, in particular the range of New Hudson Motor Cycles and Autocycles made in their Birmingham factory between 1902 and 1957. The site is run by Eric Londesbrough, possibly the leading specialist in the New Hudson range in the U.K., if not the world. With a simple but striking appearance, the site was prepared from a hand designed Dreamweaver template, and makes my normal use of CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The gallery pages began to get more photographs from visitors to the site, so I added the LightBox image display facility to improve the user experience, a function I can now offer to all customers. In September 2010 I added a CMS process to allow Mr. Londesbrough to maintain many parts of the site himself. This CMS is my own hand-built application called KenKode Content Control Centre (KKCCC), written in PHP code using XML files, as I was unable to find exactly what we wanted in a commercial or open-source "off the shelf" solution for flat files (as a database was not available at that time). As Mr. Londesbrough is very happy with KKCCC and how it works, this has since been converted to a database solution, now that a MySQL database has indeed been made available for the site by his ISP. He didn't want to move to Drupal, Joombla or similar as my custom built approach better meets his needs.

  • Bowmen Of Leeds

    Bowmen Of LeedsAn archery club based in Garforth, West Yorkshire, has been around since 1964 and continues to offer archery facilities to the people of Leeds and the surrounding area. Their web site has many of my usual features (spam blocking in JavaScript and PHP, etc.) and a multiple email address contact page system built in PHP. The site also makes use of my "KenKode Content Control Centre" back-end to allow authorised members to update News and Gallery pages. Used for the first time on this site is some AJAX to do a couple of neat functions on the score card calculator page. First, AJAX was used to implement the filter system, and once a selected round was chosen, AJAX was used again to call a PHP routine to dynamically build the score card from the information in the MySQL database.

  • Targeting Archery

    Bowmen Of LeedsRun by one of the experienced Archer GB fully qualified coaches, Targeting Archery brings coaching opportunities for everyone from absolute beginner to experienced archer, who wants to improve their technique or scores. Karen is part of Archery GB's Coaching Development Initiative and has worked alongside Lloyd Brown (UK Olympic Archery Coach) and the other international coaches, as well as worked with juniors, adults and handicapped archers.

    Targeting archery also offers recreational archery such as birthday, stag/hen and celebration archery based parties, and also corporate activity sessions and team-building archery sessions at their Scholes, Leeds venue.

    in 2017, they started a new Archery Club called Targeting Archery Club for which I also maintain their website.

Personal Web Sites

  • Catherine Dales - Archer

    Catherine Dales ArcheryCatherine Dales is a young archer from Garforth, Leeds who as been selected as one of just 60 students across the UK regions to attend the first ever England Regional Performance Academy Programme for archery in 2013. The aim of the programme is to prepare archers for the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games. This is a magnificent achievement for Catherine, and this website gives some further information about her archery achievements, her involvement in the programme and also how to sponsor her. Because whilst being selected for the programme is a great honour, none of the commitments involved for travel, accommodation, food, equipment, official uniform or the many other things involved in being a part of the programme are funded. So Catherine and her family have the burden of trying to find all the funding themselves and they asked me to prepare a website where they could advertise her achievements and possibly raise some sponsorship.

  • My own family web site

    McNaught family Web SiteMy own site started back in 1995 and has been used to gain experience in web site design since that time, along with being a test-bed for my JavaScript, CSS and PHP education projects. The site has gone through a number of complete overhauls in that time and no longer looks anything like any of the earlier formats. Completely redesigned using Dreamweaver templates in 2008, it also uses CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The LightBox image display facility was added following a successful implementation in the New Hudson Web site (above).